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Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic are types of ______
To treat with contempt or ridicule
The first name of the lead singer from the Rolling Stones
Common coloured or transparent mineral
An ancient unit of weight and value equal to 1/60 talent
How we get minerals out of the earth
A contour ____ will be on a geological map
A strip of road for a single line of vehicles
Woody grass or reed
Scoria _____ for example
Subduction _____; where 2 tectonic plates collide, with one going underneath the other
To pass out from or as if from alcohol or a drug
The sound a goose makes
To hit
Palaeontologists study one of these e.g dinosaur _____
To sink a mine shaft or well
The centre of the earth
A small sheltered inlet or bay
The action that made cloth
An earthquake can generate one of these
Natural chamber in the Earth
Spanish sparkling wine
Molten rock on the Earth's surface

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