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Can you name the words or phrases that have 'wolf' 'wolve' or 'wolves' in them?

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Descriptionwolf words
Name for the athletes who play for North Carolina State University
National Basketball Association's team from Minnesota
Common expression meaning someone of whom you should be weary because of their duplicitous nature
Arachnid belonging to the family Lycosidae
'Twelve' in German
Austrian American chef who began the restaurant chain Spago and who has further gained notoriety for appearances on numerous reality cooking shows
Helicopter formally known as a Bell 222. Also the title of an American television series from 1984-1987 which centered around a high-tech military helicopter.
13th most populous city in England. Home of the English Premiere League's 'Wanderers'
Also known as a lycanthrope, this is a human who can transform into a wolf-like creature
Series of science fiction/shooter video games all of which take place in a Wold War II fantasy setting
Descriptionwolf words
expression meaning 'someone who is eager and poised to harm.' Also the last track on Radiohead's Hail to the Thief album.
Chain of photographic retail and photofinishing stores currently owned by the parent company Ritz Camera
Mountain pass in southern Colorado, subject of a 1975 song by C.W. McCall
CNN journalist, host of The Situation Room
One of the Special Agent animals that assist Oso on Disney's 'Special Agent Oso'
Member of the X-Men commonly known as 'Logan'
Prolific composer of the operas 'The Magic Flute,' 'Don Giovanni,' and 'Cosi fan tutte,' along with approximately 600 other musical works
Alternate name for the element Tungsten; this word comes from the German for 'wolf cream'
Iconic American DJ of the 1960's and 1970's. Appeared in American Graffiti and hosted NBC's Midnight Special
1904 psychological adventure novel by Jack London about an overbearing sea-captain and his travails at sea.

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