Trojan War According to Kelsh

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Who is the wife of Hector?
Who is the father of Paris?
Who kills Patroclus?
Who was the bride of Peleus?
Name Achilles band of warriors
Name Thetis' only son
Name the immortal member of the gemini
Who was sacrificed on Achilles' tomb?
Name Odysseus' home island
Who was Agamemnon's wife?
Name the Trojan priest dragged into the sea
What Trojan was licked by a serpent?
Who killed herself after birthing an egg?
At what port city did Greeks leave from?
Who is Aeneas' mom?
What is the Greek word for homecoming?
Who was turned into a weeping stone?
On what side did Penthesilea fight?
Who kills Achilles?
What goddess killed 7 of Niobe's kids
Name the only brother of Niobe.
What Trojan escapes with his son and father?
Latin for 'duty to gods, country, family'
Name the Greek on the beach with the horse
Who was the tallest of the Greeks?
Who is the 1st husband of Helen?
What is the 1st word of the Iliad?
Name the poem by Vergil about Aeneas
Who helped Pelops cheat?
Where was Tyndareus king?
Name the Greek 'deus ex machina' prophet
Whom did Penelope wait for at home?
In what river was Achilles dipped?
Who is eternally hungry and thirsty?
Give another name for Troy
Name one sibling of Iphigenia
Who was Thyestes' only daughter?
What goddess offered Paris military might?
Who was sacrificed at Aulis?
What god loved Cassandra?

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