First Year 3rd Declension Nouns

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NominativeGenitive, MeaningDerivative/Hint
muliermujer (Spanish) (F)
paxpacifier (F)
amoramorous (M)
oratioorator (F)
passerpasserine (M)
animalanimated (N)
senexsenator (M)
tempustemporary (N)
morsimmortal (F)
milesmilitary (M)
urbsurban (F)
maremariner (N)
NominativeGenitive, MeaningDerivative/Hint
corpuscorporation (N)
exemplarexemplary (N)
rexregal (M)
timortimid (M)
caputdecapitate (N)
civiscivil (M/F)
duxduke (M)
homohomicide (M)
sororsororicide (F)
consulconsulate (M)
fortitudofortitude (F)

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