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Rome's port city
possibly the grandson of Numa
meaning of the name 'priscus'
woman raped by Sextus
normal length of office for a consul
normal length of office for an emperor
3rd king of Rome
Rome's prison
name of one of the 1st two consuls
83,000 was the result of this
Large venue for chariot racing
1st name of both Etruscan Kings of Rome
process of becoming a god
only Sabine king
5th king of Rome
founder of Alba Longa
7th king of Rome
large sewer system in Rome
river through Rome
mother of Aeneas
he invented the 12-month calendar
1st bridge across Tiber
open space in Rome for temples, markets
2nd king of Rome
birthday of Rome
nymph who appeared to Numa
Queen of Carthage
the last name of the Roman triplets
founder of Rome
king who built a wall around Rome
1st year of the empire
4th king of Rome
type of history that's too good to be true
king who destroyed Alba Longa
largest city in ancient Tunisia
mother of Remus
this king was a former slave
name for Roman senate house
1st king of Rome
6th king of Rome
group of women raped by Romulus' men
god to whom Numa built a temple
hill on which Romulus originally founded city
last year of the monarchy
term for period 509 BC-27 AD
profession of Rhea Silvia
meaning of the name 'superbus'
father of Romulus
name of one of the 1st two consuls
region immediately north of the Tiber

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