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Shanaze Reade (Female)
Peter Wilson (Male)
Katherine Grainger (Female)
Corinna Lawrence (Female)
Francesca Clayton (Female) (Team Event)
Michael Jamieson (Male)
Andy Murray (Male)
Larry Godfrey (Male)
Olga Butkevych (Female)
Kat Driscoll (Female)
Liam Killeen (Male)
Gemma Gibbons (Female)
Jade Jones (Female)
Bryony Shaw (Female)
Louis Smith (Male)
Sir Chris Hoy (Male)
Mark Cavendish (Male)
Peter Bakare (Male) (Team Event)
Lawrence Clarke (Male)
Luol Deng (Male) (Team Event)
Freddie Evans (Male)
David Florence (Male)
Zara Dampney (Female)
Crista Cullen (Female) (Team Event)
Thomas Daley (Male)
Susan Egelstaff (Female)
William Fox - Pitt (Male)
Jack Butland (Male)
Paul Drinkhall (Male)
Alistair Brownlee (Male)
Tim Brabants (Male)
Peter Kirkbride (Male)
Robin Garnham (Male) (Team Event)
Francesca Jones (Female)
Yvette Baker (Female) (Team Event)

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