Closing Lines of Musicals

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'Where the devil are my slippers?'
'Miss Jones...Take a wire to the White House: Watch out!'
'So many possibilities.'
'Te adoro, Anton.'
'Happy birthday, Robert!'
'I wish!'
'Don't deny your beast inside!'
'What adventures we're going to have together!'
'Mrs. Paroo! That's Winthrop!'
'And I'm very glad we're goin'Turn around, girlfriend. And listen to that boy's song.'g to be working together.'
'Hail, Malthus!'
'You just want to laugh at my French accent. All right, but you've got to help me.'
'I'm so lucky!'
'You must always leave the wall.'
'I want to remember each man's face as he signs.'
'Don't feed the plants!'
'It was the end of the world...and we were both fast asleep.'
'You have the power of Pandora's Box, Lee. Open it.'
''I loved you, Julie! Know that I loved you!''
'Only the last.'

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