Rock 'n Roll Rhyme Time (Volume One, Side A)

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Can you name the the Rock n Roll Rhyme with the Clues Provided?

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Clue Rhyming Answer
Rebel Rocker Idol After Being Locked Inside a Walk-In Freezer
'Fade Into You' Group's Fancy Vehicle (Or Pimped-Out Ride, If You Prefer)
Mr. Gabriel's Four Cups...Approximately
In Order to Write a Song Like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' You'll Need to Inherit This DNA
Activity Taking Place if You Say 'En Garde!' to Multi-Talented Composer/Singer Who Might Be Humming 'When Doves Cry'
'Rosanna' Singers' 8X10 Glossy
The Audacity of the 'Bittersweet Symphony' Band
Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Soprano Sing 'Raised On Robbery' at their Wedding
'My Sharona' Group's Munchies
'The Tide Is High' Band Admires Mahatma
Led's Lead Singer's Sloping Penmanship
'Super Freak' Funkster James' Facial Twitch
Astonishingly, Even While Wearing 'Sunglasses At Night,' Corey's Landed on the Bull's-Eye
Pull This to Get Journey Singer Perry's Attention
Celtic Chanteuse Arrives in Nairobi
Clue Rhyming Answer
'Don't Come Around Here No More' Said Tom When He Spotted This Abominable Snowman
Billie Joe Armstrong and Bandmates' Script
Watches Over The 'Rock of Ages' Group
Robert Smith and His Band Announce a Series of Performances Around the Globe
'Vogue' Singer's Dorsel-Crested Lizard That Also Likes to Strike a Pose
Don't Try to Upstage or 'Steal This' From R & B Legend Stevie
Evelyn 'Champagne's' Front Porch Feature; It's on Carole's Porch Too
The 'Loser' Singer Bounced It
Springsteen's Low Poker Pair
'Running Up That Hill' Singer's Fishing Lure
Lead Singer of 'I Love Rock 'N Roll' Makes a Wager
Ms. Stefani Can 'Take It On' This and Doesn't Make a Fuss
'Electric Avenue' Eddy's Mantra
'Lola' Band Members' Psychiatrists
'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' Group Toast Each Other with Coronas

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