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Can you make a presidential rhyme with the given clues? See 'How To Play'

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Cleveland's lucky 4-leaf plant
Barack's bedtime attire
Make a vow to Jefferson
26th President Roosevelt is prepared to start
Van Buren's packing box
Jimmy's haggling during a treaty negotiation
Secret Service's responsibility with regard to Warren
10th President John's hairdresser
President Arthur's synthetic fabric
Taylor's frozen strawberry & rum beverage
Nixon's magic feats
14th president Franklin, in a savagely angry mood
What George H. W. once gave to the child George W. on the swing set
What Lyndon was called after he relocated to Green Bay
Madison selected these after his eye exam
'Pack-Rat' Gerald's stockpile
Herbert's Heimlich
9th President William's military post
Ulysses' potted philodendron
Aquatic pet that young Kennedy named 'Cygnus'
Eisenhower's cycling vehicle
27th President William's first copy of his essay on selective service
Rutherford covers the restaurant bill himself
Ronald's polytheistic heathen supporters
Clinton's exceptional talent
15th President James' set of personal standards and principles
Harry the homo sapiens
Inspired by Rodin, a cogitatin' Abraham
Boating option for Wilson, using an oar (3 wds)
Fake the signature of Washington

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