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ex. Aerosmith pleads insanity.answr. Crazy
Dr. Hook's confession that she was a minor, at this age, doesn't get them off the hook.
The plaintiff is eager to accept the challenge made by a-ha.
Mr. Adams, can you explain for the bench and the jury what this weapon actually does?
Sting, your restraining order is upheld by this courtroom. The Police will assist you, if needed.
Alice in Chains testified under oath that they witnessed the victim being contained against his will in this manner.
Mr. Joel is on record, stating he heard this prior to discovering a lifeless body.
Mr. Bowie, it has come to our attention that you've been employing an undocumented, non-citizen. What is the nationality and gender of this person?
In the matter of Bon Jovi, the suspect is now sought by the FBI with this All Points Bulletin issued:
Ms. Manchester, the court does not intend to remind you again that this testimony is hearsay and therefore, not admissible.
Depeche Mode, don't look so smug and happy about asserting your 5th Amendment rights. This court will find justice in the end.
Mr. Grant, you have been accused of constantly loitering on this street.
Mr. Isaak, you allege that the con-artist swindled you out of substantial amounts of money. By what means did he use?
What evidence, Gap Band members, have you that the country in question does indeed possess weapons of mass destruction?
ex. Aerosmith pleads insanity.answr. Crazy
Ms. Benatar will take you down for booking, fingerprinting and photographing. Hold the plaque, look ahead to the camera and say...
When charged with truancy, Mr. Cooper bursted out in court, declaring this.
Mr. Gabriel, do you fathom the severity of this sentencing process? Do you realize what you're looking at if convicted?
Mr. Dylan, are we to understand that you wish to drop all charges against your own mother of assault which she allegedly committed against you?
Mr. Buckingham, your divorce is granted and finalized this day. You may now do this.
Mr. John, the Keystone State and this jurisdiction finds you innocent of all charges and releases you today.
Ms. Franklin was caught violating the speed limit on this amorous stretch of highway.
The Beastie Boys allegedly helped the union interfere with production and the company is charging them with this.
Ms. Lauper, tell us why you accepted such a hefty bribe.
The subject brought in was found trespassing on Mr. Jagger's cumulus.
Mr. Morrison, didn't you yourself open the door, instigating this act of arson?
Blink-182, you have been charged with underage possession of alcoholic beverages. What is your defense?

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