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A form of torture causing the victim to experience the sensation of drowning
A naiad
e.g. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Costner's panned 1995 film
A point of division between two phases or conditions
An early turbine or a steamboat feature
Where you might find all the gossip at the office
Napoleon's last stand/ABBA's first US hit
Synchronized swimming
1973 gold record by Deep Purple
What happens to Disney's Donald when he showers
Legendary Blues artist
Used in soups, salads and as a garnish
Citrullus Vulgaris appearing at summertime picnics
A nice spot for a frog
It brought down the Nixon presidency
Brando's acclaimed 1954 film
Both Kandinsky and O'Keffe employed this medium
Visible in some paper when held up to a light
British bathroom
Captotomus interrogatus that enjoys the White Album
First patented in 1971, people in the 70's 'dreamed' of owning one
Something in the past that is no longer important. You might say, 'You're over it.'
Victoria drops more than a mile, making it the largest in the world
A utility in the board game Monopoly
In a 'boiling' predicament or troubling circumstance
Watch where you step. This reptile is also known as the 'cottonmouth'
Laura Esquivel's 1989 debut novel
Famous cult film director

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