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Famous cult film director
e.g. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Watch where you step. This reptile is also known as the 'cottonmouth'
In a 'boiling' predicament or troubling circumstance
What happens to Disney's Donald when he showers
First patented in 1971, people in the 70's 'dreamed' of owning one
An early turbine or a steamboat feature
1973 gold record by Deep Purple
Something in the past that is no longer important. You might say, 'You're over it.'
Costner's panned 1995 film
A point of division between two phases or conditions
A form of torture causing the victim to experience the sensation of drowning
Citrullus Vulgaris appearing at summertime picnics
Both Kandinsky and O'Keffe employed this medium
A naiad
Brando's acclaimed 1954 film
A utility in the board game Monopoly
British bathroom
Victoria drops more than a mile, making it the largest in the world
Used in soups, salads and as a garnish
Legendary Blues artist
Captotomus interrogatus that enjoys the White Album
Napoleon's last stand/ABBA's first US hit
Where you might find all the gossip at the office
Synchronized swimming
It brought down the Nixon presidency
Laura Esquivel's 1989 debut novel
A nice spot for a frog
Visible in some paper when held up to a light

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