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Thanks to...Answer
Thanks to the Wright Brothers for inventing this, helping to reunite our families.
Thanks to this company for providing a Turkey-Talk Line since 1981 to answer questions on preparation and cooking of the main course.
Thanks to Mr. Schultz for creating this animated special that brings us good cheer.
Thanks to Josephine Cochrane for inventing the model for this modern day device, so that we don't have to clean the pots and plates by hand.
Thanks to Emily Post for publishing a book of this, so that we may have good table manners.
Thanks to Rutgers and Princeton University for playing the first game of this and starting a sensation.
Thanks to Peter Cooper for obtaining a patent for the manufacturing of this, the unique, shaking American dessert.
Thanks to pigs for offering this alternative protein.
Thanks to the U.S. forefathers for fighting for and declaring this.
Thanks for this celebrity endorsed weight loss program that helps us shed the pounds we gain over the holidays.
Thanks to this company located in Northfield, Illinois for offering so many brands that prepping for Thanksgiving is a little bit easier.
Thanks to this US president, who made the Thanksgiving holiday official.
Thanks to the Pilgrims who braved the seas and uncertain futures when they boarded this ship.
Thanks to...Answer
Thanks for this spice that tastes great in egg nog, mulled cider and mulled wine.
Thanks to the Lord, in His prayer we thank Him for providing us this each day. (3 words)
Thanks to Macy's, for providing this since 1924.
Thanks to this company for giving us a product that makes the best oatmeal cookies.
Thanks to this kitchen utensil for helping us flatten dough.
Thanks to this writer for composing editorials and campaigning for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Thanks to turkeys for providing this ingredient that allegedly relaxes us and makes us sleepy.
Thanks to this UN affiliated organization for feeding children all over the world, every day of the year.
Thanks to the Native American Indians for sharing this, the most prominent protein of the first Thanksgiving.
Thanks to this state for producing the largest amount of cranberries.
Thanks to William Coolidge who invented this, so we can see if we've swallowed the wishbone.
Thanks to North Carolina, the largest producer of Sweet Potatoes, which we often call this.
Thanks to Gideon Sundback for inventing the modern day this, so we may release it if we eat too much.

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