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Can you name the Celebrity Rhymes based on the clues?

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Mr. Harrelson's Light Jacket
Ms. Dunaway's Sinuous Saunter Across the Room
Beiber's Impersonation of Hoffman
Dudley's Weekly Tasks
Keanu's List of Annoyances
Survivor Host Probst Consults Him For Dinner
Kardashian's Choice of Milk
Ms. Bosworth's Tardy Escort (3 Words)
Mr. Pitt's Dangled When He Voted in Florida
Tom's Inspiration
Goldie's Lost Chess Piece
Edward and He Hear a Who
Mr. Efron Endorses Apple (3 Words)
Mr. Nicholson's Cigarettes
Actress Laura's Collection of Copper Coins
Clue Answer
Tatum's Boycotting
Mr. Law's Bitter Quarrel
Jada's Advice to Mr. Smith on Taking This Medicine to Cool Down (3 Words)
A Minaj Lovebite
Pesci Memorizes 'The Raven' (3 Words)
Hilary's Poker Table Strategy
Actor Christopher Is Sealing His Bath Tub
Tonight Show Jay's Shorthand Writer
Ms. Barrymore's Jimmy Choo's
Sigourney's Was Abnormally High
One Word Named Pop D!va's Ice Skating Area
Paris Buys a Copy of 'Paradise Lost'
Sarah Jessica's Sharpie
Ms. Sevigny Accused of Being Ostentatious
Ms. Lohan Rates Herself on the Sexologist Alfred's Famous Scale

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