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In Other Words...Band/Group Name
Monsieur Grand
Collision Exam Dimwits
Glucose Romano
Sight Response After Drinking
Bronze-Holding Visionless Retina
Wet Sticky, Wet Sticky Barbies
Skeleton Gangsters-N-Melody
Honeydew Accompanied By A Seeing Eye Dog
Bombay Sapphire Blooming
Oyster Jelly
Heavenly Bliss
Quartet of Brunettes
A Deep Conviction to Follow Goes Promptly Down the Drain Forever
Expert of Any Plate on a Baseball Field
Ms. Fonda's Vice
In Other Words...Band/Group Name
Zero Distrust
The Inky Ravens
Guiding Religious Principle
Just Missed the Afternoon Train to Yuma
100 + 100 Harmony Industry
Shade Yourself Good(d)
Continuously Intersecting Zig Zag
Ferocious Eden
Gallagher Attacking Halloween Gourds
Fate's Little Squirt
A Young, Inexperienced Morning Begins
Apprehended Expansion
The Twirling Physicians
Home to Reality Show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'
Sufferer of an Asthmatic Symptom
In Other Words...Band/Group Name
Left Uttered Wilma
A Shackled Mr. Cooper
'Living In One' Is Attractive to a Gopher; 'In One' Is Attractive to a Golfer
Ocean Spray's Claim to Fame
A Green Find in the Sandy Desert
Airmen Presiding Over a Rock House of Worship
Ginger Gals
Tennis Ball Brand/Screwdriver Type
Blame It On This President
A Noisy Owl & The Porcupine Puffers
Women Wearing Birthday Suits
The Spicy Cayenne Capsicums
Tourist in Low Spirits
The Progeny
22.86 Centimeter Spikes

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