80's Bands - In other words (Part II)

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Bands/In Other WordsAnswer
Public Disgrace featuring Patty Smyth
Bracelets without Clasps
Repeat and the Hare Dudes
Corridor & Grains
The Tightly Gripped Business Enterprise
Global Preparedness
At the Stroke of 12, Black Gold
Sprint 500, 1000, 100
A Collective of Marine Birds
The Spay or Neuter
Conflagration, and What Happened Next
Must Be Registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles
Male Stiffs Clock In For Their Shifts
Holy & Whipped
Heavenly Bodies Contained in a Single Record
All of It Except the Lady
The Legal Corporation of Labium Superior Oris and Labium Inferius Oris
Current Issue
The Heir to the Throne and the Uprising
Bands/In Other WordsAnswer
Florida Cruise Capital Noise Apparatus
Vitreous, Fragile Man-Eating Feline
Sir Sir
Highest Point of Dramatic Tension or Sexual Arousal
Center of Emotion
Peroxide Hair
An Ensemble of Film Editors
A Don Juan
Purely Rosy
The Craft of Cacophony
The Fuzz
Plow Before Wednesday
Loquacious Cabbages
Urgent Positions of Distress
The Vocations of a Wintry Stalactite
Dorothy Gale's Cairn Terrier
Grassy Area Beyond the Diamond

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