80's Bands - In other words (Part II)

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Bands/In Other WordsAnswer
Conflagration, and What Happened Next
Bracelets without Clasps
The Vocations of a Wintry Stalactite
Global Preparedness
Highest Point of Dramatic Tension or Sexual Arousal
Current Issue
A Collective of Marine Birds
Plow Before Wednesday
Grassy Area Beyond the Diamond
Sprint 500, 1000, 100
Must Be Registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles
Repeat and the Hare Dudes
Purely Rosy
All of It Except the Lady
Loquacious Cabbages
The Spay or Neuter
An Ensemble of Film Editors
Bands/In Other WordsAnswer
Heavenly Bodies Contained in a Single Record
Center of Emotion
Peroxide Hair
Male Stiffs Clock In For Their Shifts
Sir Sir
Dorothy Gale's Cairn Terrier
At the Stroke of 12, Black Gold
The Fuzz
The Craft of Cacophony
A Don Juan
Florida Cruise Capital Noise Apparatus
The Legal Corporation of Labium Superior Oris and Labium Inferius Oris
The Heir to the Throne and the Uprising
Holy & Whipped
The Tightly Gripped Business Enterprise
Vitreous, Fragile Man-Eating Feline
Urgent Positions of Distress
Corridor & Grains
Public Disgrace featuring Patty Smyth

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