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Can you name the 80's Bands using the following clues and cues?

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ex. The Combatanswr. The Clash
Hyperventilating Primates
The Lodgings
Albino Serpent
The Chasm Ensemble
Most Populous Continent
Nude Organs of Sight
Stinging Arachnids
The Hoaxers
Society Baton
Hug (Tightly and Affectionately)
Symphonic Contrivances Without Light
The Reverie School
Deceased? Existing?
Minor Appearance
Filament Shearing Centum
Might Precede 'Bam! Thank you, Ma'am!'
The Index Finger Utilizing Relatives
Agreeable Adolescent Man-eaters
Puppy or Guppy Store Lads
ex. The Combatanswr. The Clash
A Coin's Sudden Light, Although You Might Only See 1/4 of It
No Elbow Room in This Abode
LSD Minks
Composure and the Klatch
Colossal Motherland
The Drops of Saline Fluid in Exchange of Distressing Anxiety
Naive Brains
Breath Reservoir
Spongy Prison Enclosure
The Peach State Sputniks
Ferocious, Carnivorous Cat Deprived of Hearing
Chit Chat, Chit Chat
Oscillating Away Sibling
The Hominid Association
Chaps Absent of Caps
Absent People

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