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The Sunflower State
Windy City
A Nibble of Sweet, Sticky Fluid
A Thief's Tire
The Temperamental Melancholies
Feathery Birds of Prey
Baked Loaf
Epic, Offensive Smelling Train Tracks
Valentine Flower/Luxury Car
Inlet Metropolis Foam Curlers
A Trio of Canines in the PM
Picasso Car Feature
Groups of Lumber/An Apple Computer
So-So Snow-like Symphony
Communist-Leaning Barber of Mayberry
In Other WordsAnswer
Physically Perfect with an E-mail Sending Option
Cleverness & the Household Rock
Plasma, Perspiration & Weeping
A Current of Illumination Occupying the Front of the Stage
Female Monarch
It Guided Us, The Dirigible
Navy Captains
Feathery Appendages
Swiss Miss Beverage
Marine Mammals & Small Enclosed Farm Fields
Naughty Digit
Tres Fashionable
Builders of Wooden Structures
Credible Pure H20 Evangelistic Meeting
Two Vitamins and the Ultraviolet Rays Ensemble
In Other WordsAnswer
Tiny Stream Ensemble
Honey Making Insect Experiencing Free-fall Forces
Vile Corporation
Medic's Right-Hander
Legislative Body
Buckeye State Frolickers
Bargain-Basement Ruse
Underworld River
The Speculating of Identity
Water Vapor Head Covering
Electronics Manufacturer, Tahoe and Arnold
Globe, Gale & Inferno
Paper Fastener Crooners
The Inflexible Determination of Mr. Rather

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