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In Other Words...Group/Band/Duo
Contains About 18-40% Butterfat
Tinsel Town Preppy Socks
A League of Late Night Davids
Court Plea Protecting Self-Incrimination on a Level of Consciousness
The Chimpanzees
The Zoo Inhabitants
Weather-wise, a Perfect Day & One Unit of Wall Street Stock
The Wandering Boulders
Subterranean Upholstery
A Tetrad of Dreidels
Add One Heaping Tbsp. of Affection
Thomas Boeing 777
Three Biblical Characters
Bovine Bases of Windows
Delivers the Final Verdict
Middle Brady Child & the University Head
Silky, Sheer Fabric Choices or Fluffy Cake/Pie Choices
Shortcake Topping with a Snooze Bar
A Bison Somewhere in Illinois (or Perhaps, Massachusetts)
You Can Get These in Your Neck or In Your Necklace
A White, Soft, Rich Confectionery
They 'Moved My Cheese'
Guilt By...
Protective Elder Sibling and the Investment House
The Rescue Party
In Other Words...Group/Band/Duo
The Lawngulls
New Political Movement 'Sprouting' Locally
Fire Prevention Bear Crusoe & the Marvels
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
'The British Are Coming!' Rider & His Plunderers
The Silver Serving Plates
The Percussion Loving Insects
Melville's Reclusive Crabs
The Nomads Traveling on the Wayward Sea
Enters Police Charges/Ford Model/Magnesium
The Muppet Eagle, A Pillow Covering and the Ancient Rulers of Egypt
Cloning Bunker from 'All in the Family'
P.T.A. Attendees
The Headliners of a Hitchcock Movie
Testosterone Near the Tide
Greets the Traveling Salesman
(Juvenile) Mischievous Scoundrels
A Mini Chef Bourdain & the Emperor's Court
The Walking Dead
The Foot Fallin' of a Timber Canine
The Moral Brethren
Replicas of the British Monarch's Palace
The Ninja Reptiles
A Bunch of Berried Shrubs
Crooners By the Chimney

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