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What is the name of the computer term that began after a moth landed on a vacuum tube?
What type of cooling system does TRANSLATOR have?
A tracer is associated with this internet technology?
What is the abbreviation for the anonymous email group?
What country was Tankado born in?
Where is the NSA located?
Which character died at the beginning of the book?
What is the software called to create 'what-if' scenarios?
The encryption standard with a back door was callled this?
What type of keylogger did Hale use on Susan's computer?
This program turns the screen black and protects files from tampering?
Who was Hulohut hired by?
What is public key encryptionused with?
What type of tool did the girl in the airport use to attack Becker?
Who is the system adminstrator for the NSA?
Where is the pass key hidden throughout the book?
What is the Gauntlet?
What specific department did Susan work fo?
Who was the director of the NSA?
Which program could read the world's email?
What is Becker's specialty?
What computer has over 3 million processors?
What was the name of the machine that the Nazi's had developed in WWII to read codes?
What is the real name of the area inside the NSA called the playpen?
Who was the first code writer?
What is the name of the agency that Susan works for?
What college did David teach at?
What is the name of the ex-marine mentioned frequently in the book?
What is the error code for manual abort?
The fingertip keyboard with an eyeglass monitor is called this?

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