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A key frame is commonly used in this program?
19. Which device is considered to have temporary memory?
What type of server will outgoing email go through?
Finish the pattern: megabytes,gigabytes,...
To sharpen a graphic which filter is commonly used?
2. How is the speed of a processor measured?
What is the metal “comb” frequently found on processors?
What tool in PS allows you to change the color of an area?
When using PS what key must be pressed before using the clone stamp tool?
Which PS feature adds a thin black line around the perimeter of an object?
AVI, WMV and MOV are all this type of file.
This PS keyboard shortcut allows the user to reset the background and foreground colors to the defaults?
MP3, WAV, and MIDI are all this type of file.
Which Windows Remote program does not use an invitation file?
14. If a motherboard has a total of 2gb of RAM what is that number converted to megabytes?
What command is used to navigate complex programs using speech recognition?
What two features are always noted when comparing hard drives?
What does USB stand for?
What is the name of the PS tool used to add arrows for labeling purposes?
What are the two current USB speeds?
Which Windows Remote program allows for shared control?
Where in Windows can a user manually end a running program?
What does BCC stand for in emails?
To begin Windows Speech Recognition this command must be spoken?
What does IP stand for?
List the two most common processor manufactures?
6. What is the command to view a directory listing?
List the two most common hard drive makers?
If the arm of a hard drive locks up due to high temperature, which appliance is used to fix this issue?
Which Windows program rearranges hard drive storage blocks?
Which HD has many copper pins located in its data port area?
Which program allowed you to run Windows XP?
How many alphanumeric characters make up a Windows XP serial number?

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