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Which Wifi band has the slowest speed?
What program is used to edit host files?
What is the max speed of a phone modem?
Which Wifi band has the shortest range?
To capture video from a camera this type of cable must be used?
What does VGA stand for?
What is the name of the tool in Premiere that will slice a track?
In Soundbooth, fade in and fade out are represented by this line color?
The yellow bar in Premiere that can adjust the audio and video levels is called what?
When using the clone stamp tool this key must be used first?
What are the two channelds that Soundbooth can record in?
What does NIC stand for?
What is Photoshop's ability to stitch several photos into one graphic called?
For a user to integrate multiple audio tracks into one this feature is called?
This type of graphic loses quality over time?
When using the elliptical marquee tool this key will draw a perfect circle?
The company AMD is known as...
In Premiere, what area 'holds' all the files and folders?
What two words always begin a batch file?
What command is used to access the windows registry?
This key combo allows the user to capture the current screen?
What character is used as a wild card?
One gigbyte equals how many megabytes?
What command is used to remove directories from batch files?
How many alphanumeric characters make up a MAC address?
What is the file extension of an unrendered Premiere Project?
What is the WiFi protocol?
What is the default IP address for the localhost
What does DVI stand for?
To enhance the dark areas of a photo, this feature should be used?
What type of file did you save your fingerprint as?
What does the file extension DLL stand for?
What command is used to clear screen?
What does DPI stand for?
What computer part is the measurement microns used with?
What does the file extension EXE short for?
Mulitple files compressed into one has this file extension?
What character is used to make comments within the host file?
What is Photoshop's ability to track changes called?
What are Visible Prints called?

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