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Name the disease: dementia, myoclonus, periodic EEG, and rapid disease progression
Name the myelin disease: defect in transporter of lignoceroyl-CoA Ligase
Defective protein in familial ALS
Name the defective enzyme: Metachromatic Leukodystrophy
Name the toxin: bilateral liquefactive necrosis of globus pallidus
Name the virus: ground glass inclusion
Name the syndrome: ataxia & confabulation in an alcoholic
Protein accumulation in Lewy Body Dementia
Branch of PCA that supplies posteriolateral thalamic nuclei (LGN, MGN, VPL)
Name the disease: deficit in ceruloplasmin
Name the tumor: Antoni A & Antoni B
Protein mutation in Friedreich's Ataxia
Name the disorder: triplet expansion on chromosome 19, impaired muscle relaxation, internal nuclei in muscle biopsy
Name the fungus: tiny yeast forms in macrophages
Name the tumor: psammoma bodies
Protein accumulation in progressive supranuclear palsy
Name the etiology: blunting of grey-white junction on CT
Name the fungus: soap bubble cysts in parenchyma
Name one output of hippocampus
Three major inputs to hypothalamus. Name one
Anticonvulsant causing acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis & hepatic failure in 1 in 500 kids under 2
Protein accumulations in Alzheimer's
Name the disease: CAG repeat on chromosome 4
Hormone produced by paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus
Artery occluded in Wallenberg's syndrome
Name the structure: damage leads to conductive aphasia
Neurotransmitter lost in Alzheimer's
Name the inheritance pattern: ALD/AMLD
Protein accumulation: post-encephalitic Parkinsonism
NE-pruducing nucleus that projects onto VTA in reward pathway
Name the (intracranial) tumor: Von Hippel Lindau
Name the virus: Cowdry type B inclusion
Cholinesterase inhibitor used to treat Alzheimer's
Anticonvulsant that auto-induces its own metabolism
Name the disease: single ring-enhancing lesion in HIV patient
Part of frontal cortex responsible for restraint & moral judgment
Name the gene: mutation in neurofibromatosis type 2
Braches of MCA that supplies genu, PLIC, basal ganglia
Name the disease: large peripheral nerves w/ onion bulbing
Name the tumor: Butterfly tumor
Name the tumor: Rosenthal fibers
Protein accumulation in Parkinson's
Nane the disease: periventricular white matter lesions
Name the hemorrhage: midline brainstem 2-2 uncal herniation
Name the inheritance pattern: Metachromatic leukodystrophy
Protein accumulation in multiple system atrophy
Name the defective enzyme: Krabbe
Protein accumulation in Pick's disease
Name the defect: failure of cleavage a/w trisomy 13 & 18
Name the virus: negri bodies
Name the MRI type: grey matter grey, white matter white
First-line drug for absence seizures
Best correlation w/ dementia in Alzheimers: # plaques, or tangles?
Dopaminergic nucleus that projects onto nucleus accumbens in reward pathway
Name the structure: damage leads to alexia & agraphia
Name the tumor: Verocay body
Name the tumor: 1p and 19q co-deleter
Name the syndrome: hyperorality, hypersexuality, disinhibition, docility
Glutamate release inhibitor used to treat ALS
Name one input to hippocampus
Anticonvulsant with non-linear elimination: dose carefully!
Name the pathway: connects amygdala to hypothalamus & mamillary bodies
Name the myelin disease: globoid cells
Name an anticonvulsant that modifies calcium channels
Name the tumor: can affect the optic nerve
Name the etiology: worst headache of my life, gyri & sulci highlighted in CT
Name the drug: 'standard' brain tumor treatment
Name the tumor: headache when pt tilts their head
Muscle relaxant used to treat malignant hyperthermia
Name the fungus: most common fungal infxn of CNS found at autopsy
Name the disease: multiple ring-enhancing lesions in HIV patient
Second line drug for partial epilepsies
Name the parasite: MCC adult-onset seizures in Latin America
Name the myelin disease: parieto-occipital dymelination & hypoadrenalism
Name the tumor: Homer Wright Rosettes
name the toxin: hemorrhagic necrosis of putamen, retinal degeneration leading to blindness
Lidocaine: amide or ester?
Three major outputs of hypthalamus. Name one
Name the pathway: connects mamillary bodies to anterior thalamus
Name the pathway: connects aminergic nuclei (brainstem) to hypothalamus & PFC
Name the disease: Kayser-Fleischer rings
Part of frontal cortex responsible for working memory
Name the disease: deposits of drusen
Part of frontal cortex responsible for 'connectedness'
Name the tumor: little orphan annie eyes
Name the virus: Cowdry type A inclusion
Hormone produced by supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus
Name the pathway: connects hippocampus to hypothalamus & mamillary bodies
Name the syndrome: opalski cells & Alzheimer type II astrocytes
First line drug for partial epilepsies
Name the tumor: Fried egg cells
Name the disease: oligoclonal bands in CSF

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