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Buzz wordBugExtra
gram + with endotoxin
Severe diarrhea in children in developing countries
tick-borne relapsing fever; grand canyon
Rabbits & ticks, lymphadenopathy
Fite stain
Diarrhea w/ fever and RLQ pain; mimic appendicitis
protein capsule
Fish pathogen
neutropenic fever
Rose spots; macrophage response
Gastroenteritis from raw eggs or pet turtle
squash racket appearance
Birds, pneumonia
Endometritis after childbirth
Apical fibrocavitary disease in elderly smoker
toxic shock syndrome (tampons)
Darkfield microscopic diagnosis
Blindness in African kids
Fleas & rats (or prairie dogs) in SW US
sulfur granules
slow-growing, invasion across tissue planes
MCC UTI in young women
Guttate psoriasis
Hospital outbreaks of pneumonia; Iraq; quinolones
granulomatosis infantisepticum
infected ascites--adults
MCC nosocomial pneumonia
Disordered, thick cell wall in gram positive cocci
Lonely CF patient
Red colonies
pseudomembrane in throat
Fever, wasting, anemia in AIDS w/ CD4 less than 50
cath UTI; meningitis & brain abscess in neonate
weil felix
Buzz wordBugExtra
burn patients
Pulmonary-CNS Syndrome in immunocompromised pt
Cat bite
Like group D strep but resistant to penicillin due to vanA
Most common bacterial killer in CGD
auramine-rhodamine fluorescent stain
Pneumonia, fever, diarrhea, altered mental status
MCC nosocomial UTI
Pott's disease
staghorn calculi
Lymphogranuloma venereum
2nd MCC traveler's diarrhea; stacked brick appearance
scalded skin syndrome
Crepitant cellulitis
Dental caries, subacute endocarditis of abnl valves
MCC acute exacerbation of chronic lung dz
tick bite in SE US; rash on palms & soles
carbepenems or cancer
NE& midwest tick bite; no rash
Loeffler, tellurite
lumpy jaw
Tabes dorsalis
Diarrhea: watery early, bloody late
tripartite toxin (LF + EF + PA)
Dog bite
Chocolate agar, V factor, X factor
Guillain-barre syndrome
Muller-Hinton agar; painful, shaggy, inflamed veneral ulcer w/ HUGE LOCAL LN
fresh water necrotizing skin infxn
MCC nosocomial diarrhea
2nd MCC UTI in young women
Brackish water or seafood
Rice water stool; endemic and epidemic strains
paroxysmal coughing followed by whoop
Buzz wordBugExtra
Kinyoun stain, serpentine cording
Serotype O157:H7
Hemolytic uremic syndrome
infant eating honey
Cowboy with rat poop on his boots; no rash
Grows at 28 degrees celcius
Scarlet fever
MCC nosocomial sepsis
Rusty nail through a tennis shoe
pseudomembranous colitis
gram positive bowel flora leadng to abscesses
CagA & VacA
NAP1 aka B1 aka ribotype 027 aka toxinotype III
traumatic myonecrosis
a/w IUD
Back pain from unpasturized dairy
MCC endocarditis in IVDA
Eaton's agar
Currant jelly sputum
Enteric fever after travel to India
painless chancre
leonine facies & destroyed nasal septa
MCC osteomyelitis & septic arthritis
MCC meningitis in adults
Endocarditis or sepsis w/ anemia, guaiac pos
MCC traveler's diarrhea
Ghon complex
MCC respiratory failure in CF
Rheumatic fever
anesthetic skin lesions
Lady Windermere syndrome
lyme disease; New England & Wisconsin

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