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Buzz wordBugExtra
Rose spots; macrophage response
Rheumatic fever
Muller-Hinton agar; painful, shaggy, inflamed veneral ulcer w/ HUGE LOCAL LN
Pneumonia, fever, diarrhea, altered mental status
fresh water necrotizing skin infxn
Cowboy with rat poop on his boots; no rash
Most common bacterial killer in CGD
tick bite in SE US; rash on palms & soles
Red colonies
Apical fibrocavitary disease in elderly smoker
granulomatosis infantisepticum
Lymphogranuloma venereum
Darkfield microscopic diagnosis
Fleas & rats (or prairie dogs) in SW US
tick-borne relapsing fever; grand canyon
Hospital outbreaks of pneumonia; Iraq; quinolones
Fish pathogen
Blindness in African kids
gram + with endotoxin
MCC UTI in young women
Cat bite
Kinyoun stain, serpentine cording
Serotype O157:H7
Pulmonary-CNS Syndrome in immunocompromised pt
squash racket appearance
infant eating honey
Diarrhea w/ fever and RLQ pain; mimic appendicitis
gram positive bowel flora leadng to abscesses
Severe diarrhea in children in developing countries
leonine facies & destroyed nasal septa
Lady Windermere syndrome
Endometritis after childbirth
Hemolytic uremic syndrome
Like group D strep but resistant to penicillin due to vanA
Buzz wordBugExtra
staghorn calculi
Dental caries, subacute endocarditis of abnl valves
MCC traveler's diarrhea
Diarrhea: watery early, bloody late
MCC acute exacerbation of chronic lung dz
MCC nosocomial UTI
MCC nosocomial sepsis
CagA & VacA
pseudomembranous colitis
MCC endocarditis in IVDA
Chocolate agar, V factor, X factor
2nd MCC UTI in young women
Enteric fever after travel to India
toxic shock syndrome (tampons)
Loeffler, tellurite
lyme disease; New England & Wisconsin
MCC meningitis in adults
pseudomembrane in throat
Guttate psoriasis
auramine-rhodamine fluorescent stain
Scarlet fever
MCC nosocomial pneumonia
Pott's disease
anesthetic skin lesions
Rusty nail through a tennis shoe
MCC nosocomial diarrhea
paroxysmal coughing followed by whoop
infected ascites--adults
protein capsule
NAP1 aka B1 aka ribotype 027 aka toxinotype III
Tabes dorsalis
burn patients
lumpy jaw
Buzz wordBugExtra
Birds, pneumonia
Dog bite
Brackish water or seafood
cath UTI; meningitis & brain abscess in neonate
scalded skin syndrome
painless chancre
Currant jelly sputum
Endocarditis or sepsis w/ anemia, guaiac pos
sulfur granules
Crepitant cellulitis
MCC respiratory failure in CF
Eaton's agar
slow-growing, invasion across tissue planes
2nd MCC traveler's diarrhea; stacked brick appearance
NE& midwest tick bite; no rash
Fite stain
Guillain-barre syndrome
MCC osteomyelitis & septic arthritis
Fever, wasting, anemia in AIDS w/ CD4 less than 50
Rabbits & ticks, lymphadenopathy
neutropenic fever
carbepenems or cancer
Ghon complex
Rice water stool; endemic and epidemic strains
weil felix
Back pain from unpasturized dairy
Gastroenteritis from raw eggs or pet turtle
traumatic myonecrosis
Lonely CF patient
tripartite toxin (LF + EF + PA)
Grows at 28 degrees celcius
Disordered, thick cell wall in gram positive cocci
a/w IUD

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