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Warty/verrucous ulcers on cooler body parts
AIDS, CD4 less than 50, wasting illness, fever, night sweats, weight loss, diarrhea, AP, LAD, HSM
Pregnant woman's hubby scoops the cat poop b/c...
Southeast Asia fungus (AIDS. red pigment)
Thrush (think AIDS CD4 less than 200)
Diarrhea after hiking/drinking from a stream
Treatment for human flukes, except fasciola
Pharyngitis + vesicles in throat
N/V & erratic behavior --> death a few days after swimming in fresh water
Host can auto-infect w/ helminth causing larva currents
Itchy bottom in a kid
Spread by black fly of the genus Ceruleus
Budding yeast (narrow-necked buds) w/ captain's wheel formation
Black vomitus & councilman bodies in liver
OH/MS river valleys including Houston
Fever, muscle pain, eosinophilia, & periorbital edema after eating raw meat
Spread by tsetse fly
Scabby mouth in animals
Causes cancer directly by inactivating P53 & Rb
Dx w/ Tzanck smear for multinucleated giant cells
untreated AIDs pt w/ 4w worsening hemiparesis & cognitive decline, several non-enhancing hypointense lesions in brain, nl opening pressure, elevated CSF protein & myelin basic prot
Antifungal that causes rigors and decreased GFR
Traveler returns from Africa w/ 1 wk cyclic fevers, HA, splenomegaly, abnl brain scan
Gastroenteritis in unvaccinated kid
Fungus ball/hemoptysis after TB or cavitary lung dz
MCC viral conjunctivitis
Iron deficiency anemia
Pseudohyphae at 20C, germ tubes @ 37
Arizona, productive cough, endospores containing spherules
Cigar-shaped yeast w/ unequal budding
Sharp substernal pain that radiates, scratchy/leathery sound at lower left sternal border. Virus = ?
Intestinal & liver granulomas & fibrosis in East Asia
Soil-transmitted helminth infecting 800 million
Seizures w/ ring enhancing brain lesion: AIDS pt w/ CD4 less than 100
Antifungal w/ a visual (LSD) side effect
Visceral larva migrans causing wheezing, hepatitis, cerebritis, eosinophilia
Highlands of South America and Central America (fungus)
Spread by anopheles mosquito
Kid w/ fever 103 for a few days, rash appeared as it resolved
Pneumonia in SW desert/SoCal
Pidgeon droppings, AIDS CD4 less than 50
Squamous cell bladder cancer in middle east or Africa
Man from Mexico w/ pulmonary congestion, cardiomegaly, megacolon, megaesophagus
A bunch of adults on a cruise w/ 1-2 days gastroenteritis
Pneumonia after spelunking w/ bird droppings
Lymphatic filariasis
Eat raw fish in Asia, then RUQ pain, fever, hepatomegaly
Antigenic shift causes global pandemics
Vaginal itching, greenish discharge, motile trichomonads
Endemic in sheep-raising areas; cystic hydatid dz
#1 cause of liver failure in the US
Causes Kaposi's sarcoma, with HIV
specific test for EBV infection
Rash is the major reason for discontinuing this class of HIV drugs
Erythema infectiousum (slapped cheeks)
Septate hyphae at acute angles
US 4 corners, pulmonary edema 2-2 capillary leak, fever, myalgia
Rhinorrea, cough, low grade fever
Southeastern & midwestern US (Arkansas, beaver dam in Wisconsin). Fungus
Causes HCC by randomly integrating into genome of hepatocyte
Intracellular yeast w/in macrophages
Intestinal & liver granulomas & fibrosis in Africa, South America, or Caribbean
HIV drug that causes insulin resistance
Thin-based-bud and thick polysaccharide capsule
Antifungal that must be taken w/ food
Spread by sandfly
Genital warts
Rose grower w/ lymphocutaneous infxn that spreads along lymphatic channels
Antifungals that inhibit 1,3-glucan synthase & thus formation of fungal cell wall
Resp. alkalosis w/ hypoxia & inc. A-a gradient (dyspnea on exertion); bilat interstitial infiltrates in AIDS w/ CD4
Causes Burkitt's lymphoma by upregulating anti-apoptotic proteins
Antifungal used for mucorales spp
Vesiculopustular rash w/ scarring, high mortality
Lung manifestations after eating crabs
Aplastic crisis in sickle cell dz
Neg HBeAg, HBsAg, IgM anti-HBc; pos anti-HBs, anti-HBc. Acute, chronic, resolved, or vaccinated?
Irregular nonseptate hyphae w/ wide angles
LMN paralysis, fecal-oral spread
Sexually active women w/ painful vesicle, negative Tzanck smear & VDRL
Rectal prolapse in African Child
Antifungal w/ SE = Stevens Johnson, alopecia
Spread by ixodes tick--other than lyme
AIDS, CD4 less than 50, necrotizing retinitis, hepatitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, esophagitis, polyradiculitis, explosive diarrhea
Rhinocerebral infection in pt w/ DKA
Fever, cough, HA, shaking chills, inflamed tick bite, tetrad configuration w/in RBCs, no RBC pigment
HIV drug class causing lactic acidosis
Spread by reduviid bug
22yo w/ 1 wk flu-like sx, fatigue, sore throat, HSM, cervical lymphadenopathy
Acute intestinal abstruction in a child in the developing world; worm crawls out the mouth during surgery
Spread by deerfly
Sexually active 14yo w/ pearly white nodules w/ central umbilication on genitals & trunk
B12 deficiency & abdominal symptoms
Causes HCC indirectly 2-2 chronic inflammation
Imigrant child from romania w/ conjunctivitis, periorbital swelling, coughing, runny nose and high fever, small lesions w/ blue white centers in mouth
Ring worm, athlete's foot, jock itch
Sequalae of parvovirus in pregnant woman
Skin infection w/ satellite lesions
Antifungal w/ aplastic anemia as side effect
Cervical cancer
Seizures w/ ring enhancing brain lesion: from developing world
Causes ATLL via tax gene transactivation of cellular genes

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