T34 Airspeed Limits

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AirspeedMax AirspeedUnits
Max clean (surface-20,000’)Knots Indicated
Max clean (20,000- 25,000’)KIAS
Max canopy emergency openKIAS
Max canopy openKIAS
Max turbulent air penetrationKIAS
Max gear extensionKIAS
Max flap extensionKIAS
Max gear retractionKIAS
Min flap retractionKIAS
Downwind airspeedKIAS
AirspeedMax AirspeedUnits
VFR/overhead break airspeedKIAS
Full flap landing airspeedKIAS
No flap landing airspeedKIAS
Best angle of climb (Vx)KIAS
Best rate of climb (Vy)KIAS
Best Maneuvering Speed (Va)KIAS
Recommended bailout airspeedRange
Max range airspeedft*lb torque
Max endurance airspeedft*lb torque

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