T34 ITT, RPM, etc...

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Can you name the T34 ITT, RPM, etc...?

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Limit for...LimitUnits
ITT Normal idle rangedeg C
ITT Normal operating rangedeg C
ITT Max @ shutdown w/cond.leverdeg C
ITT Max continuousdeg C
ITT Max accelerationdeg C
ITT Hot start (2 seconds)deg C
ITT Max during startsdeg C
Measures ITT?deg C
Prop RPM Idle operating range (less than)RPM N2
Prop RPM Normal operating range +/-RPM N2
Prop RPM Overspeed governor +/-RPM N2
Limit for...LimitUnits
Prop RPM Fuel topping governorRPM N2
Oil temp min starting deg C
Oil temp Normal Operating rangedeg C
Oil temp maxdeg C
Oil press minpsi
Oil press Normal operating rangepsi
Oil press Maximum fluctuation +/-psi
Oil press maxpsi
Oil press dynamic maneuverspsi (for as long as 5 seconds)
Oil press cold day at startuppsi

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