Literary Futures, Good and Bad

Random Literature or Literary Character Quiz

Can you name the authors who created the following futures, OR the literary work in which the futures first appeared?

Updated Aug 20, 2012

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The GoodWork (Author)The Not-So-Good
Rape and violence against women are almost unknown......instead they are virtually slaves, with fertile ones serving in the title role for barren wives.
TV walls and fast cars provide stimulating entertainment......but books are banned, and if found burned by firemen.
All pain and unhappiness have been eliminated......along with people's sense of love, all their emotion, and even their ability to see colors.
'Producers' who can invent a revolutionary new metal......but who are so exploited by 'moochers' they decide to go on strike.
Everybody's happy and knows their place......due to an assembly line society that assigns them as Alphas, Betas, etc. from birth.
Experimental surgery dramatically increases human and rat intelligence......but only temporarily, leaving the subject's intelligence unchanged in the long run.
Cheap robot labor drops prices by 80%......until the robots revolt, killing all humans except for one clerk.
Overpopulation is no longer a problem......because society requires everyone to commit suicide at the age of 21.
Ludovico's technique can 'reform' hardened criminals......but side effects include loss of free will and an aversion to Beethoven.
All the animals are equal......but some (especially the pigs) are more equal than others.
Crime down 99.8% due to precrime system......but the precogs predicting the crime don't always even agree with each other.
Everybody's finally equal......due to a 'handicap' system to lower everyone to the level of the worst.

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