Alien Species in the Animorphs

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Can you name the alien species in the animorphs?

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DescriptionSpeciesFirst Mention
Ideal for Yeerk infestation due to adaptability and large populationThe Invasion (1)
Intelligent race plagued by insatiable hungerThe Invasion (1)
Small annoying fungible speciesThe Suspicion (24)
Extinct crab-like broccoli farmersMegamorphs 2: In the Time of the Dinosaurs
Metamorphosing scavengers of the galaxyThe Andalite Chronicles
Galactic chess player. Proponent of chaos and destructionThe Attack (26)
Nearly-omnipotent meddler with a non-interference policyThe Stranger (7)
Extinct species which survivies only in sub-zero temperaturesThe Extreme (25)
Arrogant plains-dwellers responsible for the Yeerk plagueThe Invasion (1)
Parasitic species that inhabit the brains of othersThe Invasion (1)
DescriptionSpeciesFirst Mention
First host bodies of the YeerksThe Capture (6)
Psychic amphibious ocean dwellersThe Escape (15)
Dog-like androidsThe Android (10)
Child-like pawns of chaotic being. Destroy many speciesThe Android (10)
Creators of the Hork BajirThe Hork Bajir Chronicles
Peaceful vegetarian race enslaved by the YeerksThe Invasion (1)
Ant-like race from the cretaceous periodMegamorphs 2: In the Time of the Dinosaurs
Saturn-native destroyed by water. Name means 'pet' in the Yeerk languageMegamorphs 1: The Andalite's Gift
Inhabitants of Lego LandThe Attack (26)
Inhabit the bodies of caninesThe Android (10)

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