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Who is the first victim?
Mr. Boddy blackmails the guests because he believed they are 'all thoroughly........'
Who ends up being the real Mr. Body in one of the three endings?
What weapon is used to kill the cook?
Who says 'I enjoy getting presents from strange men.'
What weapon is used to kill the cop?
What is Mrs. Peacock's favorite soup recipe?
Who is Miss Scarlet paired up with when the guests search the house?
What is Mrs. White being blackmailed for?
'life after death is as improbable as.......'
how man secret passages are there in the mansion?
Who receives the gun?
How is Yvette killed?
What hits Wadsworth over the head after ranting outside the bathroom?
Who says: 'this man is drunk...dead drunk'
What color dress is Mrs. White wearing?
Who says ' have you ever given any thought to the kingdom of heaven?'

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