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3 and 2 point shots
Hit with a Racquet
90 feet
I Wear a Size 12
Pretty Obvious...
Type of food that makes you fart
Dark Color (Rhymes with tack)
Name for a lollypop
R.O.Y. G. _.I.V
Sweep the Floor
Fat Albert Character
A lot of these are on shirts
War weapon with a metal ball
Yellow vegetable
Baseball pitch that turns
Game played on two sides with alot of foam balls
Hit this ball in first and you lose
I see you
4 seam and 2 seam
___ alarm
Spoon, knife, and...
Result from cooking bacon
Cats cough this up
5 fingers
Keanu Reeves Movie
Women wear high ___
Marijuana gets you ___
Played on a baseball diamond (usually)
Tough baseball pitch to throw and hit
An insect that likes light
Opposite to even
Awesome game commonly found in arcades.
Spongebob's driving teacher
Don't make me ___ you.
Tell your wife this when she's giving birth
Metal object with downward spiraling grooves
Rhymes with 'sneeze'
Famous on Nickelodeon
____ball fight
Girls baseball
Not sweet
Load a straw with these
A kind of baseball game
Another word for 'porch'
Napoleon Dynamite plays this
Multiple lanes in which you run on
Set a ___ for the bad guy.
You can set, surve, bump, and spike this ball

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