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Owner/InfoCharacterFirst Appearance
Andy's Toy; Known As Sheriff (Roughest, Toughest Cowboy In Town)Toy Story
Andy's Toy; Intergalactic Space Man Who Saves The Galaxy From Evil Emperor ZurgToy Sotry
Andy's Toy (originally Emily); Part Of The 'Woody's Roundup' gangToy Story 2
Andy's Toy; Green DinosaurToy Story
Andy's Toy; Wise-cracking Piggy BankToy Story
Andy's Toy; A Toy Dachshaund Who Has A Slinky For A Middle SectionToy Story
Andy's Toy; Moody, Sarcastic Toy With Detachable PartsToy Story
Andy's Toy; Wife and Counterpart Of One Of The Characters; Loves Switching Parts WIth her HusbandToy Story 2
Andy's Toy (Partially Molly's); Sweet and Lovable Porcelain Shepardess; Adornment With Sheep On Molly's LampToy Story
Andy's Toy; Part Of The 'Woody's Roundup' Gang; Woody's HorseToy Story 2
Andy's Toy; Think Their Leader is 'The Claw'; A.K.A. Little Green MenToy Story
Molly's Toy; Falls For Another Doll In The Movie She Appears; Multiples Ones Are Seen In TS2, But This Is A New DollToy Story 3
Andy's Toy; Help Other Toys In Finding Out About PresentsToy Story
Andy's Toy; Andy's Remote-Controlled CarToy Story
Andy's Toy; Pair Of Wind-up BinocularsToy Story
Andy's Toy; Penguin Toy With A Broken SqueakerToy Story 2
Andy's Toy; Sketching Toy Who Draws Portraits Of Guns, Al, Woody, and BuzzToy Story
Andy's Toy; Toy Tape Recorder Who Has Been Helpful To Amplify VoicesToy Story
Andy's Toy; Based On Popular 70s Toy, Who Writes Words And Frequently Holds SeminarsToy Story
Andy's Toy; Rubber Toy Who Lives In Andy's Toy BoxToy Story
Owner/InfoCharacterFirst Appearance
Andy's Toy; Pink-haired Doll Who Wears A Blue BikiniToy Story
Andy's Toy; When Andy's Family Is At Pizza Planet, They Are Used To Try To Save BuzzToy Story
Andy's Toy; Used By Woody To Predict SomethingToy Story
Sid's Toy; Leader Of Mutant Toys, One-eyed Baby Doll On Top Of Spider LegsToy Story
Al's Toy; Part Of 'Woody's Roundup' Gang, Tries To Prevent Woody From EscapingToy Story 2
Al's Toy Barn; Buzz Lightyear's ArchenemyToy Story 2
Al's Toy Barn; Barbie Doll That Helps Andy's Toys Find BuzzToy Story 2
Sunnyside; Main Leader Of The Sunnyside ToysToy Story 3
Sunnyside; Smooth-talking Doll That Falls For Another Doll; Loves ClothesToy Story 3
Sunnyside; Very Big Baby Doll Who Was A Right Hand Man At SunnysideToy Story 3
Sunnyside; Toy Rubber Octopus; Only Henchwomen At SunnysideToy Story 3
Sunnyside; Toy Telephone Who Becomes An Ally To WoodyToy Story 3
Sunnyside; Green Worm Who Loves BooksToy Story 3
Sunnyside; Scary Monkey Toy Used To Alert Escapees To The Sunnyside HenchmenToy Story 3
Bonnie's Toy; Doleful Toy Now Owned By Bonnie; Told Woody Secrets ABout Lotso's PastToy Story 3
Bonnie's Toy; Is A Stuffed HedgehogToy Story 3
Bonnie's Toy; A Blue Triceratops; Chats Online With A Dinosaur 'Down The Street'Toy Story 3
Bonnie's Toy; White Unicorn Who Helps Woody Get Back To SunnysideToy Story 3
Bonnie's Toy; Doll Who Is Known As The Evil Witch In Bonnie's PlaysToy Story 3
Bonnie's Toy; 3 Green Plush Balls Who Go In A Special Case; Act Like Small ChildrenToy Story 3

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