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DescriptionCharacterBook First Appeared
Son of Poseidon; Riptide is weaponThe Lightning Thief
Daughter Of Athena; Owns Yankees Invisibility CapThe Lightning Thief
Satyr; Is friends with Percy at boarding schoolThe Lightning Thief
Son Of Hermes; Traitor To Camp Half-BloodThe Lightning Thief
Daughter Of Ares; Gets Covered in Toliet Water By PercyThe Lightning Thief
Centaur; Director At Camp Half-BloodThe Lightning Thief
Evil Titan GodThe Battle Of The Labyrinth
God Of Wine; Forced To Work At Camp Half BloodThe Lightning Thief
Cyclops; Percy's Half-BrotherThe Sea Of Monsters
God Of Sea; Percy's FatherThe Lightning Thief
God Of The Sky; Head GodThe Lightning Thief
DescriptionCharacterBook First Appeared
Goddess Of Wisdom; Annabeth's momThe Titan's Curse
God Of War; Clarisse's DadThe Titan's Curse
Goddess Of LoveThe Titan's Curse
Daughter Of Aphrodite; Dated BeckendorfThe Lightning Thief
Son Of Hephaestus; Dated SilenaThe Lightning Thief
God Of The Sun. Medicene, Music, etcThe Titan's Curse
Ruler Of The UnderworldThe Titan's Curse
Once A Tree; Lieutenant Of Artemis' HuntersThe Titan's Curse
Son Of Hades; Was Trapped In Lotus Casino & HotelThe Titan's Curse
Daughter Of Hades; Was Trapped in Lotus CasinoThe Titan's Curse

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