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Sam Puckett; Freddie Benson; Spencer Shay2007-present
Lulu Johnson; True Jackson; Ryan Laserbeam2008-present
Jake Collins; Hayley Steele; Feliz Garcia2009-present
Kendall Knight; James Diamond; Carlos Garcia; Logan Mitchell2010-present
Otis; Pip; Abby; Pig; Freddy2007-present
Timmy Turner; Wanda; Cosmo; Poof2001-present
Sandy Cheeks; Patrick Star; Mr. Crabs1998-present
Bessie Higgenbottom; Ben Higgenbottom; Portia Gibbons2008-present
Skipper; Kowalski; Private; Rico2008-present
Fanboy; Chum-Chum; Kyle2009-present
Jeff Sutphen; Various Kid Contestants2009-present
Jimmy Neutron; Carl Wheezer; Sheen Estevez2002-2006
Drake Parker; Josh Nichols; Megan Parker2004-2008
Zoey Brooks; Chase Matthews; Logan Reese2005-2009

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