United Kingdom Mammals

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Can you name the Mammals of the U.K. using their latin names?

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AnimalLatin Name
Domesticated Dog
Red Squirrel (Native)
Lesser White-Toothed Shrew (Introduced)
Alcathoe Bat
Harvest Mouse (Native)
Grey Squirrel (Introduced)
Brandt's Bat (Native)
Red-necked Wallaby (Introduced)
Red Fox (Native)
Sheep (Soay Sheep)
Soprano Pipistrelle (Native)
Barbastelle (Native)
American Mink (Introduced)
Water Vole (Native)
Fallow Deer (Introduced)
Irish Hare (Native)
Feral Goat (Bilberry Goat)
Daubenton's Bat (Native)
Common Pipistrelle (Native)
Parti-Coloured Bat (Vagrant)
Leisler's Bat (Lesser Noctule)
Hoary Bat (Vagrant)
Nathusius Pipistrelle (Native)
Water Shrew (Native)
Common Shrew (Native)
Black Rat (Introduced)
AnimalLatin Name
European Hare (Native)
Bechstein's Bat (Native)
Stoat (Ermine) (Native)
Natterer's Bat (Native)
Least Weasel (Native)
Feral Horse
Brown Long-Eared Bat (Native)
Eurasian Elk (Native)
St Kilda House Mouse (Native)
Greater Mouse-Eared Bat (Vagrant)
Field Vole (Native)
Red Deer (Native)
Whiskered Bat (Native)
European Badger (Native)
Mountain Hare (Native)
Common Noctule (Native)
Greater Horseshoe Bat (Native)
Greater White-Toothed Shrew (Introduced)
Hazel Dormouse (Native)
Pygmy Shrew (Native)
Lesser Horseshoe Bat (Native)
European Otter (Native)
Common Vole (Native)
European Mole (Native)
Serotine (Native)
Bank Vole (Native)
House Mouse (Native)
AnimalLatin Name
Sika Deer (Introduced)
Roe Deer (Native)
Eurasian Beaver (Native)
Yellow-Necked Mouse (Native)
Edible Dormouse (Introduced)
Wild Boar (Native)
Pine Marten (Native)
St Kilda Field Mouse (Native)
Orkney Vole (Native)
Northern Bat (Vagrant)
European Hedgehog (Native)
Scottish Mountain Hare (Native)
Chinese Water Deer (Introduced)
Skomer Vole (Native)
European Wildcat (Native)
Reeves's Muntjac (Introduced)
Domesticated Cat
Grey Long-Eared Bat (Native)
Cattle (Chillingham Wild Cattle)
European Rabbit (Native)
Wood Mouse (Native)
European Polecat (Native)
Reindeer (Introduced)
Geoffroy's Bat
Brown Rat (Introduced)

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