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Turk, Elliot and Carla find out Dr Kelso used to right love songs.
Dr Cox is suspended
Turk keeps following Dr Cox to the toilet to get to know him better
JD, Turk and Elliott start Sacred Heart
JD and Turk appear on billboards around town.
JD & Elliot try to avoid each other.
JD becomes a patient
Elliott calls Dr Kelso sexist
JD is jabbed with a needle accidentally
Jordan's brother Ben turns up.
JD flirts with a patient, but can't see her face
Dr Cox doesn't want to be there when Ben has chemotherapy
JD sleeps with Jordan, Dr Cox's ex-wife
JD tries to date Alex, but keeps going back to Sacred Heart
Turk tries to get a date with Carla
JD, Turk, Elliot & Janitor all have their parents turn up
JD's med student keeps messing up.
Elliot has a crush on Sean, her patient
JD & Elliot sleep together
Nick begins to outshine JD
JD's last day as an intern
Turk and Dr Kelso fight over a bench
JD tries to convince a patient not to die
Elliott helps a pregnant girl at Christmas

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