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my name is
Can i have the
Hi kids!
wanna see me stick nine inch nails
wanna copy me
try cid and get f**ked up
my brain's
i'm trying to get
but i can't figure out
and Dr Dre said
uh-uh then why's your face red
well since age twelve
cause i hung my original self
got pissed off
and smacked her so hard
i smoke
and fall on my ass faster
who sat
shady wait a minute
i don't give a f**k
my english teacher
thanks a lot
i smacked him
chased him
stapled his nuts
had my jacket
flashed the bartender
in a space ship
99% of my life
i just found out
i told her
to be
make a record
and name it
you know
when women rush your stands
like some
this guy
so i signed it
this kid
dr dre
i'm not
it's too scary
i'll have to be carried
am i coming
i can
i just drank a fifth of vodka
all my life
i ain't
my palms
clothes ripped
i spit
i'll f**k
when i was little
so hungry
how you gonna
you ain't
i lay awake
put a bulletproof vest on
and by the way
tell him i
in this

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