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Can you name the Great Gatsby Character's Tweets?

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Can you guess the Character's tweets?Character
Just got back from my mistresses apartment #longdrive
Shocked to see im one of the only ones here #RIPGatsby
Make up your mind. #sofrusterated its me or her
Don’t wanna leave after the party. Staying the night #tired
A man should never hit a woman #ignorant
That oughta teach her a lesson #unfaithful
S/O to @Dan_Cody for all the business advice. Couldn’t have done it without you
World Series tonight… bet I know the outcome #betsanyone
Can you guess the Character's tweets?Character
Friends don’t always turn out how they were first perceived to be and this was true because it was @Gatsby who turned out great in the end #respect
Guess I should be a better driver #justkilledsomeone #oops
US Open trials today #nervous #getmyswingon
No more Gatsby. Gonna hit the road. #peaceoutgirlscout
Having a small get together. Stop by if youd like
Cant believe youd do that to me. After all ive done for you #thatslut
Cousin @Nick_Car is moving to West Egg #yayay #comevisittt

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