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1985Dottie, Large Marge, PW Herman
1988Lydia Deetz, Adam and Barbara Maitland
1989Bruce,Joker,Harvey Dent
1990Edward,Kim, Peg
1992Bruce, Penguin, Catwoman
1994Edward, Bela, Vampira
1996James and Marsha Dale, Barbara Land, Martian Ambassador
1999Ichabod Crane,Katrina Van Tassel,Baltus Van Tassel
2001Captain Leo Davidson,Thade,Ari
2003Ed Bloom,Mildred, Jing&Ping
2005Victor Van Dort, Victoria Everglot, Bonejangles
2005Wonka,Grandpa Joe, Augustus Gloop
2007Mrs.Lovett,Beadle,Judge Turpin
2010White Queen,Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat

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