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Can you name the songs given the last words of each the opening lines?

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Last Words in LinesSongArtist
hear, disappear, clear, it, can, man, can, bad
flight, a.m, then, wife, space, flight, time, find
night, night, night, night, night, night, night, night
plays, me, start, heart, oh, got, oh, got
on, myself, myself, black, snatch, hero, welfare, brothers
stand, hand, storm, warm, alone, road, ride, one
here, curtain, clear, certain, full, highway, way, few
Diddy, city, Jack, back, toes, clothes, phones, CDs
sound, watching, play, talking, fire, day, driving, pale, dying
catorce, head, heart, much, thought, though, bought, wander
Last Words in LinesSongArtist
born, sea, life, submarines, sun, green, waves, submarine
gone, day, song, away, feeling, play, dreaming, away
in, win, out, be, (want), Cribs, in, tub
friends, pretend, assured, word, low, hello, dangerous, us
dance, back, crying, tonight, lips, this, love, tonight
star, are, high, sky, gone, upon, light, night
planned, intention, hand, discretion, to, on, you, attention
car, anywhere, deal, somewhere, better, lose, something, prove
storms, fame, Jones, gone, Fellas, weather, better, precipitation
life, fantasy, landslide, reality, see, sympathy, low, me

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