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Can you name the characters from Greek mythology based on these FMLs?

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Today, I realised I can't touch food or drink. FML
Today, I was told I could predict the future, only to find out nobody believes me. FML
Today, Zeus abducted my sister Europa. FML
Today, my hair was turned into snakes. FML
Today, my mum threw me out of Mount Olympus because I'm 'special'. FML
Today, my stepmum tried to kill me with snakes. FML
Today, I caused a war. FML
Today, my idiot son forgot to change sails. I drowned myself. FML
Today, I was abducted by the king of the underworld. FML
Today, I flew too close to the sun and died. FML
Today, someone found my weak spot. FML
Today, I found out my godly husband has been distracting me from his affairs. FML
Today, the rock I just rolled up a hill came back down again. I have to do this forever. FML
Today, I spied Artemis bathing and she turned me into a deer. FML
Today, my love fell in love with himself. FML
Today, I forgot I wasn't supposed to look at my wife. She died. FML
Today, I was told to hold up the world. FML
Today, my kids overthrew my reign. FML
Today, my dad ate all my brothers and sisters and I was just saved. FML
Today, I was bound to a rock and a vulture's gonna eat my liver. Just because I was nice to people. FML
Today, the man I helped escape from the Labyrinth left me. FML
Today, I was turned into a woman because I killed a snake. FML
Today, I was bound to a fiery wheel which won't stop spinning. FML
Today, I turned my daughter into gold. FML

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