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you stay up just to dance aloneAlbum: On Your Side
maybe this is sad but true baby maybe you have nothing to loseAlbum: On Your Side
i know our love is new i barley know yaAlbum: On Your Side
stay with me by my side till the morning throgh the nightAlbum: On Your Side
She likes the taste of captin morganAlbum: On Your Side
ill take her out and drop her off on the outskirts of our townAlbum: On Your Side
so cold, so cold, baby your so coldAlbum: On Your Side
oh its true every night is lonley with out youAlbum: On Your Side
everybody needs somebody sometimeAlbum: On Your Side
she never knows when its raining she only knows when its coldAlbum: On Your Side
does he watch your favorite movies, does he hold you when you cryAlbum: On Your Side
girl you'll see *lets get one thing straight* your gonna regret you left meAlbum: On Your Side
no one knows you like i do, they dont see you like i doAlbum: Greetings from...
take me back to the person i used to be when you were there for meAlbum: Greetings from...
go go go you never have good time because you move to slowAlbum: Greetings from...
i know our love is new i barley know yaAlbum: Greetings from...
act so cute with your hands in your pocket and one on your locketAlbum: Greetings from...
know that we have said goodbye dont try to fix it up againAlbum: Summer 07 EP
now im loseing my mind, losing everything i hadAlbum: Summer 07 EP
dont be worried when your sleeping on your own tonightAlbum: Summer 07 EP
dont take another step, dont breath another breath unless your coming back to meAlbum: Summer 07 EP
I am running away from this is somthing i wont regretAlbum: Summer 07 EP
Ripped apart, and thrown away You can say that you don't miss meAlbum: Summer 07 EP

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