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Can you match these definitions with the
Found in the nucleus
Collagen and Keratin are examples of this protein
Basic unit of carbohydrate molecules
Positive charge
Used as cells master code for assembling proteins
Fats and Oils
PH Below 7
Water removed from molecules so they can be strung together in a larger unit
Negative charge
Do not create new molecules; are weak
Enzymes are an example of this protein and participate in chemical process
Forms when an atom gains or loses electrons in its outer level
Have gained electrons
Can you match these definitions with the
Neutral charge
Have lost electrons
Made of phosphate units and nitorgen base
Completes energy level makes and atom more stable
Cell membranes are made of this
Composed of two fatty acids
Bonds that hold together amino acids
Known as an alkaline
Large molecules made of amino acids
Formed by glycerol unit and joined by three fatty acids
Made of many monosaccaride units; example Glycogen in liver
Water is added to units of a larger molecule to break it apart
Used to help create hormones

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