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Roll or ruler
Delicate, frail
Halitosis curer
Cracker brand
Chipper, carver
Sages possess this
Plant protector of the Scots
This loves company
Scenic view
Not picky
False pregnancy
Great divide or split
Protagonist of Eoin Colfer's children series
Unorthodox method of curing addiction
Band famous for 'Wonderwall,' or a lagoon of sorts
Adjective used to describe bloody crimes
Genetic disease affecting respiratory and digestive systems
Dark and dreary
State prior to corruption
Festive pecking plant
Part of eye or type of flower
Church teachings
These see the glass half full
Alternate names include Byzantium and Constantinople
Post-running state of foot skin
Aphrodite's boyfriend
A supposition
Problematic event
Tom Cruise movie
Michelangelo's ceiling masterpiece
Non-sexual cell division
Extreme self-absorption
State of solitude

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