Chocolate, Crackers and Crypticism

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Can you name the Chocolate, Crackers and Crypticism?

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Workout squad attendance rate
Pigeon pastime
Whose cosa?
Cove location
Spanish professor surname
Most repeatedly hilarious greeting
Traditional delicacy of our culture
Attractive unhygienic stalk-ee
Original period and periodical
Specific snuggle utensil
'Do you want me to drop you off' obviously indicates...
Protective Rainbow Road gear
Coffee ground consumer
Get this out of town
GF of
Mission to save the world
Resembles a flaming female body part
Burning and turning
Whomping Willow is to ____ as rat is to ____
Blue cellular device
Three favorite presents of all time
Tequila is what kind of bitch?
Your temporary dinosaur alter ego
Tibbles cat breed
Frustating high walking inhibitor
Repeated action your eyes took

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