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QuotationEndingNumber of Words
Potter: 'Here's an oldie but a goodie: half the family dead, other half ... '1
Sidney: 'Ladies and gentlemen take my advice, pull down your pants and ...'4
Margaret: 'I'm not so think as you...'3
Frank: 'To Major Margaret Houlihan, my friend, my comrade, my little soldier...I leave...'2
Hawkeye: 'I've eaten a river of liver and an...'3
Hawkeye: 'I did not love all of you... but I loved...'7
Hawkeye: 'I forgot to order...'1
Flagg: 'My father touched me that way once. After that he had to wear ...'2
QuotationEndingNumber of Words
Hawkeye: 'A war is like when it rains in...'2
Henry: 'There are certain rules about a war and rule number one is young men die. And rule number two is...'6
Potter: 'Well, boys, it would be hard to call what we've been through fun, but I'm sure glad...' 5
Potter: 'Listen, when you love somebody, you're always in trouble. There's only two things you can do about it: either stop loving 'em, or ...'6
Radar: 'Ahh... '1
Potter: 'Don't change the color of your face! I'm out of...'1
Frank: 'Every red-blooded American knows, if he is wounded, he will be in the strong, capable hands of a ...'3

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