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'So... Beet-Hovens not luring enough for you is it... Well how 'bout some MAWZART!?
'Word to your Mother!'
'...You're darn right I am...'
'I am the King... the King of Cool!'
'What the Cabbage?'
'Dude, Suckin' at Something is the First Step to Being Sorta Good at Something.'
'I Can't Help it, Flesh is Delicious!'
'Those Flies Want it... They Can HAVE IT.'
'I'm Just Telling You the Facts Ma'am... What I Hear is a Pig Load of Apples Inside That Closet... They Sound Scared...'
'No It's Not. I'm Sure When he Said 'Go Out' he meant, 'Go Out' not 'Go out'.
'Aww No! I am NOT Gettin' Eaten' by Zombies Today!'
'Haha, Penguins...'
'Gunter, Who Told You You Could Fly!?'
'I Want You to Take This Dimple Plant Outside... And Kill It!'
'My Tail Is Totally Frizzin Out!'
'...You Must Open Ones... MIND EYE. I'm Just Kidding, This is a Sticker!'
'Make Finn, But With My Body!...'

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