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Updated Oct 18, 2012

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InformationSong TitleDate
Even though it sounds like a harpsichord, the middle eight is played by George Martin on a piano. He plays it back and rerecords it at double speed to achieve the harpsichord soundOctober 22, 1965
The Beatles are at Abbey Road Studios for their last recording session. They work on a song written by Paul with Aretha Frankiln in mind for the lead vocal.January 4, 1970
John, Paul, and George record 'mouth brass' for the middle eight of a song that Paul wrote out of respect for hard - working women.February 6, 1968
Forty musicians join the Beatles in the studio to complete an orchestral crescendo. The musicians wear formal attire and novelty accessories.February 10, 1967
Yoko Ono attends her first recording session. The Beatles record a song improvised on the spot while the band has some down time. There is plenty of barking to go around.February 11, 1968
The Beatles can't find a calliope, so a sixty foot-long tape of steam organs is cut up, thrown into the air, and reassembled randomly for the track.February 20, 1967
Paul, George, and Ringo add instrumentation and backing vocals to a song that initially consisted of only John's voice and piano.February/ March 1994
Applause and laughter are added to this title track. Also added are screams from fans at the Hollywood Bowl and the warming up of an orchestra.March 6, 1967
A parade of animal sounds is added to this song. In order, they are a rooster, cats, dogs, horses, sheep, lions, elephants, a fox and bloodhounds, horses, a cow, and a hen.March 29, 1967
The Beatles begin recording songs for the White Album. The first track will eventually be split into three different versions, two of which make it to the album.May 30, 1968
The Beatles audition at Abbey Road, playing a song that features the word 'love' 25 times. After the Beatles replace Pete Best with Ringo, this song becomes their first single.June 6, 1962
The sound of chirping birds is added to this track to assist the sounds of a guitar and a metronome.June 11, 1968
A string quartet joins Paul on the first single to feature only one Beatle.June 14, 1965
Ringo records his first and last drum solo as a Beatle.July 23, 1969
A Viscount jet is overdubbed onto the track. Prior to this day, Paul had recorded drums after Ringo walked out on the band.August 23, 1968
InformationSong TitleDate
George brings in his friend Eric Clapton to perform a guitar solo on his new track.September 6, 1968
A recording of BBC Third Programme's King Lear is added to the song to provide an additional layer of madness.September 29, 1967
John records the only Beatles song in which he is the sole singer and instrumentalist (acoustic guitar).October 13, 1968
This song is recorded with opening guitar feedback created by John holding his guitar close to an amp causing the A string to vibrate.October 18, 1964
Perhaps intentionally, John adds fuel to the 'Paul is dead' theory by adding the phrase 'cranberry sauce' to the end of this masterpiece.December 15. 1966
Paul and John record this song in its entirety during one long day. Detailing John's recent nuptual difficulties, it is the first Beatles single recorded in stereo.April 14, 1969
A double string quartet is recorded as the only instrumentation for this sad Beatles tune. Since there are no drums on the track, Ringo is quite a lonely person.April 28, 1966
A french horn solo is added to complement Paul's descending bass-line.May 19, 1966
Without permission, Phil Spector overdubs orchestral parts to a song written by Paul. This angers Paul so much that he sends an angry letter to Spector demanding changes.April 1, 1970
The Beatles record their first single longer than three minutes. Appropriately, this is also the day that John earns his driver's license.February 15, 1965
Sheila Bromberg performs on the harp and becomes the first woman to play on a Beatles album.March 17, 1967
A piccolo trumpet is recorded to complete the middle eight and to add a flourish at the end of the song.January 17, 1967
Billy Preston becomes the first guest artist to be credited on a Beatles single.January 28, 1969
400 million people tune in for a live broadcast of take 58 of this song.June 25, 1967

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