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Female tragic figure from the beginnings of Western theater
Disappointing, especially given the excitement thus far
Aversion, dislike, hostility
Occur before an expected event; expect, predict; look forward to
Skylarking, tomfoolery, outrageous behavior
Villain of Christian mythology
Misanthropic, uncooperative; self-isolating
E.g., Thorazine, Seroquel
Ancient times
Water additive used in automobile radiators
A troubled, flawed protagonist
Turns into energy upon contact with matter
Preventing, or 'busting,' monopolies
Biological self-defense protein that chemically combines with apparent intruders
An opposite, a la Hegel
A detriment to microorganisms
Quaint and collectable
Take this to counteract the effects of a disagreeable chemical
E.g., diphenhidramine, for pollen, grass, dust mites, or to fall asleep
E.g., a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Ripe for the junk heap; outmoded
E.g., vitamins C and E

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