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He is a son of a WWE Hall of Famer, a four time Tag Team Champion and his 'dashing'
He has really big hair, he loves apples, his cool and he won a championship on his WWE debut match.
He loves to fight and he is the father of a very small guy
He was the next big thing but now his a UFC fighter
Stand back there's a _____. His a Green superhero
He is straight edge, has alot of tattoos and looked abit like Jesus
He loves to introduce himself, he has 'great' hair and abs and dated someone who loves to say Excuse Me!
He is really white, has bright red hair and has won a King of the Ring
She went out with an Italian superstar, kissed a giant and competed in the royal rumble
She was on NXT, she made-out with her pro's boyfriend and actually had her first match on NXT.
His just a sexy boy, retired a WWE Hall of Famer and was apart of a duo that said Suck It!
Woo Woo Woo, you know it! He dated a Latino that was 'out of his league'
He is Awesome! Used to be on reality TV
He debuted as a surfed dude on ECW but returned being on Smackdowns Bragging Rights team
This Brooklyn superstar won NXT, only to loose a lot of matches on Smackdown
He didn't go well on NXT but now his the only NXT superstar to win a singles championship
He loved to lie, cheat and steal, he is apart of the WWE Hall of Fame and he is sadly missed
He used to be a rapper, has won WWE Superstar of the Year twice and you can't see him
He was apart of a team from Brooklyn, he loved crime and he turned on his team-mate because he believed that it was his time
He was apart of a group of Americans, he loves his mumma and is a great high-flyer

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