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Can you name the short stories from Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House?

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ProtagonistStoryYear Originally Published
Encyclopedia salesman1964
Harrison Bergeron1961
Harry Nash1961
Nancy McLuhan1968
Newt 1960
Herbert Foster1951
Colonel Bryan Kelly1953
Harold K. Bullard1953
Paul Leonard1955
Grace McClellan1951
Commodore William Rumfoord1963
ProtagonistStoryYear Originally Published
Joe Louis1953
Professor Arthur Barnhouse1950
Dr. Fred Brockman1951
George Murra1962
David Potter1955
Eli Remenzel1962
Narrator and wife, Madge1953
George M. Helmholtz1955
Mikhail Ivankov & Charles M. Ashland1958
Heintz Knechtmann1954
Lou and Emerald Schwartz1953

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